Coupons are they Worth it?


Coupons – Is it really worth it?


I hear this often from people wondering if coupon clipping is really worth it to save “cents off”. Often others say they don’t have the time or the old time favourite, “there are not coupons for the stuff I use”. I don’t have a printer, I don’t know where to find them are other common rationals as well.


I saved $36 ,000 in one year due to coupons, rebates, price matching and freebies. Shhh if you add enough cents together you get dollars!! That’s equivalent to making $17.30 per hour based on a 40 hour work week! There are coupons for the items you use; perhaps not your indulgence favourite item but most certainly for products you use. Toilet Paper, Dish soap, laundry detergent, razors, deodorant, bread, pet food, diapers, formula those are things we all use and there are coupons for all of them. These coupons are all available without a printer too!!


Understanding many people have very busy lives and many have full time jobs where they often work 40 hours per week or more plus transit there are several “Coupon Networks” that host a wide variety of coupons that you can order when you have time and they will mail them directly to you. GoCoupons you can rely on each month to save on toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towel! It takes like 20 seconds! Very often you’ll also get other popular coupons such as Cavendish, Catelli & Activia just to name a few. P&G issues coupons quarterly on both their website you can have mailed to you and in fliers as well. They have great coupons for shampoo, laundry detergent, pampers, tampons and more every day items. Each offering has over $100 in savings each time! & Websaver you can log into even weekly and choose from a wide selection of your favourite brand names such as Maple Leaf, Dempsters, Aspirin, Gaylea, Kellogs and many more!


Shopping Online and using online coupon codes can not only save you money, get free shipping, and often extra incentives! Just about every one of your favourite retailers has an online store, and you can get get cash back on most of the purchase. You often see small percentages back and get discouraged feeling it’s not worth it however when you add all those together the actual savings can shock you!


Great Example:


My granddaughter was going to need a new snow suit for the upcoming winter; being the shopper that I am I began to look in late summer for last years stock, or discounts. In the Sears catalogue I noticed a snow suit that was regular $129.99 due to last years stock on for $79.99; there was a promotion online that If I paid with my credit card I would save an extra 40 Percent! Now I’m only paying $48.05! Online coupon code saves me $10 so now I’m paying $38.05 I used ebates so I’ll get $1.60 back & Sears Points!


Which would you rather pay? $130 or $35 for a snow suit!! A few minutes of time you could buy almost 4 snowsuits for what you would have paid for one! I checked just websavers where I order coupons and I received $872.34 worth of savings THIS YEAR!!


Are Coupons worth it?


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