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Coupons – Where to start! Let’s get Antiquated #Coupons

Coupons – Where to start!


To say you are going to coupon, want to coupon, need to coupon is one things. Knowing how, trying to figure out what you need, when to stock up can be an entirely overwhelming if you have never tired it.

The art of saving money is a learned skill, and a very valuable one to have. The first thing you need to do is access your household. How many people are there living in your home? Are there any family members that are require special products such as diapers, cat litter, dog food? What is your income like? How often can you shop or do you shop?

The most common objection (excuse ) for not wanting to coupon is that there not coupons for the items I use. The answer is yes and no. You may not find coupons for some of the items you use BUT there are plenty of coupons for every day items you use. If you can cut the prices on those items You need by 50-100% that you do not have coupons for; any money saved on those can be used for the items you cannot find coupons for. The entire point is to save save save! Programs that offer points such as Air Miles, PC Points and more can give more savings for those non coupon items.

Items Most Households Use that there are Coupons for:

Laundry Detergent
Dish Detergent
Fabric Softer
Household Cleaners
Paper Towel
Toilet Paper
Shampoo & Condition
Hand Soap
Tampons & Pads
Body Wash
Diapers & Wipes

Those are just items off the top of my head that I have paid next to nothing for over the years and items we use a lot.  The children are conditioned to look for coupons, marked downs and even help match coupons what is in the flyer.  I know , I know you think there is no place to get coupons . Here are some places to look You will find once you are actively looking for coupons you will notice them even more.

Here is a quick list of coupon networks. Log in and order up!!

Sign up to the Cash Back Networks. Many such as Checkout51 allow more than one person per household. You simply need a different device. I try to keep these updated frequently. PC Points and Shoppers Optimal Points will be merging soon so check back for updates!

Make a list of items you use. I make several lists. I have one for food and one for personal hygiene, etc.  We use can tomatoes at times, we buy cat litter, we use french fries, etc. Everyone is different so make you list; you do not know what coupons to look for if you don’t know what you need.

More articles will continue on how to shop, matching coupons to flyers, where to find the latest coupons. We will continue to help everyone 🙂 Even for those who have been doing it for a while, it is a great  refresher. Start but ordering some coupons, download your cash back apps and get familiar with them 🙂

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