COUPONS! Who doesn’t Love Coupons off your Favorite Pet Food at your Favorite Stores??


We know that pet parenthood has lots of built-in perks…sloppy wet kisses, enthusiastic greetings, companionship whenever you want it, unconditional love. At Global Pet Foods, we believe that responsible pet parents make a very important contribution to the planet – and deserve to be encouraged and recognized! So, we’ve added another perk for all of you amazing pet parents…FREE membership into Pet Zone.
PetZone Perks
  • A coupon that you can use for discounts on food and supplies upon Pet Zone registration
  • “Happy Birthday” e-cards & special Birthday discounts to treat your pet
  • Notice of special promotions and contests
  • Pet tips and advice relevant to your pet
  • A chance for your pet to be the featured “Pet of the Month”



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