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couponssAre gaining more and more popularity with consumers and businesses Canada wide.

A new consumer study conducted by Nielsen Canada for Resolve found that nearly 84 percent of key grocery shoppers in Canadian households used coupons in 2008.

Another recent US study conducted by Prospectiv of Wakefield, Mass, polled 1,386 consumers and found that 72 percent are using more coupons than they did six months ago. Three-quarters of these respondents claimed the economy made them do it. The vast majority (81 percent) said they use coupons for grocery items.

I often get asked, “Where do you find coupons”? That use to be a very quick and short answer however these days coupons can be anywhere and everywhere!

On packaging ,in packing, instructions, magazines, mail, newspaper, flyers, inserts, tear pads, online, coupon codes, scratch cards, instant coupons, instore coupons, manufacturers coupons, store coupons, doctors offices, day cares, taxi cabs. They are everywhere! You may be thinking …….but I never see them; that’s because you weren’t looking for them. Now that your aware of how many that are out there you will notice them more frequently.

I quite frequently hear, “I don’t have time” ~ Common mistake people make and they fail to see how saving money can be more important that making the money. Often you just need to look at it a different way. Let’s look at how much money I have saved in coupons using websaver coupons alone for comparison

saved$2162.89 !

Let’s say you make $20 per hour when you are at your paid job; if even if you are a stay at home parent and your spouse works.

You would need to work: 108 Hours to Make that much before taxes and deductions.

Thats 2 1/2 WEEKS of a 40 hour week of your pay to MAKE what you saved with coupons at just this one place.

There are several large coupon networks such as websaver that we can guarantee to log in and find a coupon usually more!!

If we use the 7 listed on our networks page (and that doesn’t count any other coupons we get access too)

7 Coupon sites X 2 1/2 Weeks work = 18.9 WEEKS  or 4 MONTHS worth of work you saved and/or contributed. ~ That’s equivalent to the income from a part time job ~

You actually end up almost double that; as coupon values do not have deductions such as: income tax, CPP QCP, EI, Union dues, medical, whatever else they strip you pay check from. Once deductions are taking from your pay your actually looking at only bringing home 50% of you pay 🙁 Coupons you save the full value!

Coupons are only for cents off; not worth it for $0.75 ?


$53.89 I saved with coupons on this ONE grocery trip! I purchased items we needed for every day use!

$50 Extra could:

  • Pay a bill
  • Fill the gas tank
  • Go out for dinner
  • Oil Change
  • A case of formula & bag of diapers
  • A bottle of wine or case of beer
  • Items for a BBQ
  • Raining Day fund
  • Savings Account
  • Replace something broken.

If you really really get stuck on what to do with it. If you go down to your local food bank or homeless shelter and ask them if they have suggestions on what you could do with it; I bet they have some great suggestions!

The “Wake UP” call about $50!

Statistics Canada that indicates almost one in 10 Canadians is considered poor.

About 3.2 million people now live in low income, including 634,000 children.

Many people are very misguided and while you think those reaping the benefits of “Welfare” are “getting it easy” do you REALLY have an idea of how much they “Windfall” each month. Once your basic housing is paid (not utilities, the roof) it work out to approx $50 per week per person, you need to subtract: utilities, medications, clothing, personal hygiene, household essentials such as toilet paper! Really about $25 for FOOD per week; Provided there is no even minor emergencies!

Try it. Start on a Sunday and have only $25 (NO MORE) and share your healthy meal plan for the full week of 3 meals a day plus snacks, drinks, etc.  We’ll check in next week and see if your still a fan of rice!

The next time you hear someone say; coupons aren’t really worth the time. Feel free to share this: perhaps they just need to look at it a bit differently !



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