Creative Deals! What do you do with products you don’t like and you bought? How to get everyone to eat healthier with no fuss :)

creativeDo you have your creative cap on for when you buy something on sale, grab a bunch, take it home, cook it…. Hate it??

Happens all the time. We buy items to try or because it’s a “Great deal” and than we end up not liking it; What a waste 🙁

Quite often I see people post coupons to trade saying “I wish my son liked this stuff as its such a great coupon” or “I can’t get my kids, or I don’t like” this or that!

Our taste buds change many times over the course of our lifetime. One huge mistake many make who want to eat healthier is go from one extreme to another. Packing plays a HUGE part in influencing our choices. Texture, you can cook a food item 4 different ways and it will have 4 different textures, flavors, etc.

Here are some pictures I took around my pantry and freezer with some examples on what I mean 🙂


IMG_8177 (480x640) Our family is not a fan of these 🙁 Due to coupons combined sales I have approx 4 bags 🙁  BUT do you know what is great? Hitting the bag with a rolling pin a few times 🙂

  1. Releases Stress 🙂
  2. Fun!
  3. Use the bigger pieces as croutons in your salad for supper! (I really like them as croutons)
  4. Whatever meat you are cooking with supper; lets say chicken, Slightly coat it with olive oil toss in the bag with the crumbs, give a shake and put in pan! Makes a lovely “shake n bake” for your meat. Cheaper too!
  5. I figured it out and it’s actually cheaper for me to buy these and get both uses of croutons and shake n bake out of them than for me to buy those 2 products !!!




IMG_8190 (479x640) The kids claim they Don’t like Apple Cranberry Juice but they do like Apple Blueberry juice!

Hmmmmmm I see that they are a very similiar color! Any guesses on what is going to happen when the Apple Blueberry bottle is empty? Will it go to the recycling bin?? Well…… will at some point lol but right now it has to be re filled with apple cranberry !  FYI to my children who are reading this…… This is not new I have been doing it for a while so no sense kicking up now 🙂

** You can also do 1/2 and 1/2 if their taste buds are a bit more tuned 🙂


IMG_8178 (640x278)

Love IOGO! My son doesn’t like yogurt……. But he Loves these Frozen Fruit Freezies!!….. He’s 17 so it works for all ages!



IMG_8187 (614x640)This is my favorite one! Not just for fruit cups for but jello, pudding and various other snacks!

One has 1/2 the calories, one is in water and 1 is in syrup, blah blah blah. But what happens if I take the fancy cardboard packaging off them! IMG_8188 (640x337) You tell me, which one is with the water and which one is with the syrup? Exactly!

There is no identifying markings on the containers 🙂










IMG_8189 (467x640)


This one was for me! I tried to switch from regular pasta to whole wheat..yeah didn’t work So I bought this glass container at the dollar store it contains various Brands of pasta and various kinds of pasta. There is regular pasta, smart pasta, whole wheat pasta, Catelli Pasta, Brilla Pasta…….. When we have spaghetti we grab a handful and throw it in the pot! That way we get a variety of flavors and textures and when it’s together you can’t tell the difference 🙂 Some whole wheat is better than none 🙂

IMG_8179 (640x175) Roy detests Soy products but these Sunrise Super Squeezies (You know the new frozen yogurt)  he LOVES!

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