Currently 7 Food Recalls in Canada in June !! #Foodrecalls

Currently 7 Food Recalls in Canada!!







  1. Kashi Brand Trail Mix Whole Grain Bars (National) ~ Listeria ~
  2. Frozen Par Fried Fish Cake (Ontario, Quebec) ~ Allergen ~
  3. Neilson Brand Partly Skimmed Chocolate Milk (Ontario, Quebec) ~ Listeria ~
  4. Basse brand & President’s Choice products containing sunflower seeds (National) ~ Listeria ~
  5. Quaker Harvest Brand Quinoa Granola Bars (National) ~ Listeria ~
  6. Spritz Brand Sunflower Kernels (National) ~ Listeria ~
  7. Clif Bar Brand Sierra Trail Mix Engergy Bar (National) ~ Listeria ~

You can always check the Canadian Food  Inspection Agency for more details information or updates on recalls by accessing their website here

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