– Attitude – Does it have an Effect on your Ability to Spend Less !

attAttitude – Does it have an Effect on your Ability to Spend Less !

Attitude plays a HUGE role in your ability to successfully complete any task or goal. If your joining the Coupon Nannie August Saving Challenge chances are you are looking to enhance your skills so that you can save even more! You may be moving out  on your own for the first time, recently separated and starting over, expecting a new baby, just lost your job, or saving for something special. Regardless of your reasons for joining this challenge welcome 🙂

One great thing about a month long challenge is there are many different days! If you don’t meet your goals one day; don’t worry about it; they next day you may double your goal. If you make a “whoops” it’s okay; we have all done it. That’s the great thing about a group challenge; we are here to support each other; your not alone; if you get discouraged comment here or on our Facebook page and share where you are struggling; we can all help you, be encouraging, offer support 🙂

Goal Setting needs to be realistic in order to succeed. You need to set a goal that is something that is within possibilities. If your monthly income is  $1200 per month; to set a saving goal of $1000 per month is not realistic. Let’s say your income is $1200 per month and you challenge yourself to save $100 per month!

Don’t get fixed on that goal. you have an entire month, Let’s brake it down as we don’t want this experience to be stressful! We want to eliminate stress!

Take you goal. We are going to use $100 for our example! and let’s divide it by 31 as there are 31 days in August!!

$3.23 a day  That’s it! That’s not so bad is it!

A Little Guide

$0.41 / $12.50 a month

$0.81 a day/ $25 a month

$1.61 a day / $$50 a month

$3.23 a day / $100 per month

$6.45 a day / $200 per month

$12.90 a day / $400 per month


Pick your daily amount! Nothing is too low or high! Only you know what will work for YOU! You don’t need to share the amount. It’s for you to know and you to achieve!

You can do this!! WE CAN DO THIS! Relax! The hard part is over! You set your goal & committed to the challenge!! Let the Saving’s Begin!!!!


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