Deals on US TV Content & Amazing Deal to Learn French !


$17 for 1 Year of American Content from USAccess (a $35 Value)

Patience is a virtue, but computer error messages that say “Sorry, this video is not available in your area” can cause anyone to pound angrily on their keyboards, then spend the next few minutes trying to fix them. Protect your virtue, and your most precious technical devices, with today’s WagJag: $17 for a one-year membership to USAccess (a $35 value).

For the next 12 months, enjoy online access to American networks otherwise unavailable in Canada. USAccess hides your location so it appears as though you’re browsing from within the United States. Begin by adjusting the DNS settings on your preferred device, then update your IP address in their system and voila! You can watch or listen to your favourite American shows on your PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, XBOX360, PS3 or other compatible device. USAccess takes your security seriously and offers 24/7 technical support. CLICK HERE


$24 for a 6-Month Online French Language Course plus 1 Extra Month and a Certificate of Linguistic Competence from (a $236 Value)

Learning a second language improves the mind and is extremely useful when applying for a job – unless it’s Klingon or Parseltongue. Today’s WagJag explores Canada’s other official language: $24 for a six-month online French language course plus one extra month and a certificate of linguistic competence from (a $236 value).

Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your business relations or learn how to read both sides of the cereal box, this WagJag is sure to get you there. uses proven learning techniques to teach you French quickly and efficiently. Complete a free test to discover your language level and learn the language of love at your own pace over the course of six months. Learning takes place step-by-step and the logic behind rules is always explained so that exceptions are easier to absorb. Each chapter ends with a test to ensure you have progressed and are ready for the next step. Upon completion, you receive a certificate of linguistic competence and the ability to woo potential suitors in a new language. Bonne chance!

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