Dear Canadian Tire Truro, National and Canadian Tire Financial :)

cantireDear Truro Nova Scotia Canadian Tire, Canadian Tire Nation & Canadian Tire Financial:

As the primary shopper for my blended family that consists of 7 , four of which can drive, not to mention my various dogs I have I am very upset with my recent interaction at Canadian Tire. I very often use one of my 2 different Canadian Tire cards when making purchases not only at Canadian Tire but other businesses in the area. The Canadian Tire gas bar is not far from my home and due to our credit card usage it’s not uncommon for us to have top gas savings.

As anyone in today’s world I am always looking for the best price and have often bragged to my followers on my blogs on what great deals there are at Canadian Tire when you check out the flyer and find coupons to match to maximize savings and had always encouraged followers to shop with you.

Today I was refused the ability to use a coupon; despite having used this type of coupon making the same sort of purchase over the last few years; there has been no change in the coupon policy; however I was told a flyer item is considered a promotion and therefore you cannot use coupons. I indicated I would take my purchase to Home Hardware than and was told by both the staff and management to have a nice day.  (You Price Match and give 10% extra but wouldn’t let a customer use a coupon that has always been used before and allowed me to walk out the door) .

I love living in Truro as we have options and Thankfully of the Brand New HUGE Home Hareware; located in the old Co Op location. It was wonderful; when we walked in we were pleasantly greeted 🙂 The staff offered to help us find anything we were looking for. I was able to score both the lamps I wanted  (There price was only $0.97 more than yours) ; they happily accepted my coupons ~ Which Saved our family extra money~ While there I picked up a few more greats deals they had ~ Did you know they also price match & beat it by 10% & so does the HUGE KENT in Truro ~   I earned Aeroplan Miles too 🙂  They do offer a credit card that includes promotions. They thanked me for my business 🙂 Very pleasant experience.

When I arrived home and posted to my blog (over 3500 shoppers) I was quick to find out a few others have recently had this experience at the local Truro Canadian Tire as well. That management and national office were both quite rude about it.

I know that your cost per customer; especially to acquire your Canadian Tire financial customers are much higher than $10 per customer. To you at the store level you may see it as only one customer however let me fully explain how you treat your customer effects your bottom line.

Due to this experience, you can see I am allowing others to see my experience, give them an opportunity to comment and allow them to follow up. Due to this experience; it is evident you don’t really care about your customers and seemed happy I was going to another retailer, I will be calling and canceling both my Canadian Tire Credit Cards; There are plenty of other places that would welcome my business. Due to this; there is no reason for me to promote Canadian Tire at all as why do coupon match ups if well you don’t care if we visit. The new Home Hardware looks like they will be happy to have our business, since there is no longer a reason to frequent your store.

I am sorry your choose to treat your customers in this manor; however you no longer need to worry about this one. I certainly hope you choose to improve your customer service before others also leave.

Your ex customer ~

Dana Calder

AKA: Coupon Nannie



  1. Way to go Coupon Nannie. I live in Truro as well and have had unpleasant experiences at our local Canadian Tire store.I have been treated rudely and made to feel like I was an annoyance when asking where I could find a certain item. I no longer shop there and toss their flyers without looking at them. I know I am only one person but let’s get the word out there. I work too hard for my money to be treated badly when shopping for items I need.I have often wondered where Canadian Tire employees receive their training???

  2. I recently had a bad experience at my local Canadian Tire (in Mississauga, Ontario), and was talked to very rudely by a front-desk person. (I was charged an extra $50 over my estimate, and when I balked about it, he said it’s only a couple of dollars). To him it might be a couple of dollars, but to me it’s about three hours work. I do not plan on going to this store in the future. And the manager refused to refund the $50. So sad because it’s a Canadian institution and I always tried to shop Canadian. So Rona, here I come. Thank you.

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