1. I would use this for me! It would be a great help on both knees and occasionally my back. Im sure the hubby would love to try it out for his back also. It would also be used for the everyday kind of muscle soreness one sometimes gets 🙂

  2. I would use this for myself. I have had issues with my sciatic nerve since I was expecting second child. He is now 4 and a half years old. I do not like taking meds that are strong but work as I need to function and be alert and coherent as a Mom. I loved your review and hope to win. Am anxious to see if how it could work for me. Thanx for the chance! 🙂

  3. Oh I could really use this right now, have Rheumatoid Arthritis & my neck & shoulder are so paining terribly these past 2 days. Getting tired of spending money on products that don’t work, this looks so promising !!!

  4. It would be a fight between my hubby and I! haha. Thank you Coupon Nannie for an amazing giveaway.. We love Deep Relief in this household!

  5. Ty Coupon Nannie for this great giveaway. I sure a lot of us would love to win your Deep Relief Prize Package. Today it would be for my lower back.

  6. I’d be the one using it in our house. My knees are buggered up, and really bother me in the colder weather (hurray, winter is coming)

  7. Ty Coupon Nannie for your Deep Relief giveaway. I’m sure a lot of people will want this. I know I do. I have a back problem…

  8. I am sure this would be well used in my house. My husband, my mother ( whom lives with us) and myself all deal with back muscle pain.

  9. This would be awesome to win. My husband and I both are on our feet 30-50 hrs a week and the floors at our jobs are cement hard on the back and feet. It would help give relief…Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. i would love to win this giveaway! i suffer from lower back pain on a daily basis, i would love to try this product! I also suffer from arthritis in my right hand. I dont like to take any sort of pain meds, so usually i just suffer! TY for this great giveaway!

  11. Both my husband and I would definitely use this . Both have neck and shoulder issues…we might even have to fight over who gets it first!!

  12. Ty Coupon Nannie for this great giveaway Deep Relief. I could use it on my knees, shoulder and neck. Growing old is so much fun!!!!

  13. I would use this! I clean houses usually just one a day, but sometimes its two in one day..those are the days I could sure use this!!!

  14. I would use it for myself, since i have lots of problem to arms, neck(hernia), arthritis, all over(arms, hips, knees, hands…etc and i’m only 48 so believe me i do need relief so i can go on to get to a 100 years old even if i hurt thats much all over..thanks

  15. Ty Coupon Nannie for this great giveaway. Since I often have knee problem and lower back I’m sure I could good use of your Deep Relief package.

  16. My husband could REALLY use this!! He’s getting older and its getting harder and harder for him to do anything without regretting it in pain later.

  17. I would love this prize, I throw my back a lot =-S My mom would love some of the other items as she has osteoarthritis so I would definitely share. =-)

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