#Dempsters New Veggie Bread Coupon ~ A Day in the Life :) Kid Tested and Approved ! #CouponNannie

Do you ever wonder what happens after the GO GO GO FREE PRODUCT COUPON Announcement?

Everyone Rushing to see what Amazing Thing ~ Katrina~ has going on over at the Dempster Page.

Many were lucky and scored the FPC ~ Free Product Coupon~ Many Still Scored the $1.50 Coupon ! IMG_7656 (640x480) But than what happens? No one ever knows or hears! Do people try the new product? What do people think?  So we thought we would follow the coupon…..

The other loaves on the shelf refused to sign a paper giving me permission to publish thier photo so that one is missing 🙁 BUT Once our New Loaf of Veggie Bread ~ Our Free Loaf at that ~ We got the inside coupon!

IMG_7654 (409x640)Here is the sole loaf of bread, setting pretty…but wait!! Why is the bag crinkled…….OMG a piece is MISSING!!

Wonders where it could have gone?

IMG_7649 (476x640)

Nannie……….Are you looking for this? You can have a bite!

IMG_7651 (383x640) Yummy Yummy Sooooooooo Good!

IMG_7647 (551x640)Trying to pick out a vegetable 🙂 LOL OH OH ! She found one (too much)

IMG_7650 (339x640)

I knew it had to be Devyn as our dogs don’t like Bread…………. Or……..So I thought!!

IMG_7652 (495x640)IMG_7653 (640x638)

So if you haven’t used your coupon; you really should!

It’s Both Kid & Dog Tested & Approved !

**Dempsters should make Tshirts with it. Veggie Bread ~ Kid Tested & Approved ~

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