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To my long time followers, you have watched Miss Devyn grow up before you. To those of you who are new to Coupon Nannie, we began Coupon Nannie in preparation for Devyn, gathering deals on diapers, formula, etc.

To many of you looking at this picture of Devyn; she may look like any other 3 year old, sitting on her bed watching TV. This is a picture of Devyn actually being able to SEE the TV for the first time.

This has nothing to due with coupons but it does have to do with taking advantage of the free health care options we have in this country. Eye appointments for children are free. Sometimes things that appear innocent are not as innocent as they appear.

Devyn had an eye that was a bit crossed; we thought we should take her to the eye doctor in the event it required a patch or something so that we could get it corrected before she began pre primary in the fall. Devyn claimed she was scared of the dark. She always had to turn lights on. She screamed bloody murder when she got water in her face. When we asked her to do some things, she would claims she was “tired”. We assumed it was because she was 3, typical 3 year old behaviour.

When we got to the eye doctor, unlike with adults who need to read letters, children read shapes, such as a house, car, etc. When she was to tell us it was a hand, she pulled the “I’m tired” card. The hand was not like an outline of a hand but as if you put your hand in ink and printed that way.

The eye doctor was able to determine that Devyn did require glasses and had astigmatism. It didn’t appear as thought it was going to be a heavy prescription. He wanted to put drops in her eyes and us come back a 1/2 hour later to take pictures of her eye to determine exactly her prescription.  He warned me to watch her close as the drops would make her eyes so bad she would be waking into stuff.

We went back to the eye doctor, she had not been walking into walls. He checked the results and I could tell from the look on his face he was shocked. He let us know we had a very smart little girl as she almost fooled him. She couldn’t recognize the hand as it was all a blob, she wasn’t scared in the dark, she couldn’t see in the dark, water splashed in her face took away what blurred sight she had away. Devyn, like most who have a limited sense, made up for it in other ways. Devyn has lived in a complete fuzzy blur all her life and no one knew it.

We haven’t had to tell her once to leave them on. Her face lights up as she sees new things. She never asked to take them off. She has said a million time, “I love my glasses”.

Please don’t ignore even these simple things. If your child is scared of the dark or even a simple crossed eye, make an eye appointment. You child could be living in a blurry and dark world and you wouldn’t even know it. Take your child to an eye doctor now 🙂 12728939_10156600830400078_2323827329031952502_n


  1. I keep telling my daughters to take my grandkids in to get their eyes checked, it’s free for their age and it’s always good to be safe than sorry!!

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