Did you know this Freebie can put $75 back in your budget?

IMG_6512 (419x640)To many this picture represents Tampax Tuesday!

Those who don’t know what that is; every Tuesday for a period of time you can sign up to get one of these for free. you are eligible to receive one per person per month.

Not only does it include a cute little bag and samples of tampons, pads and liners; it also includes money saving coupons 🙂

Have you skipped a chance saying; Ah I’ll try next week, or I have enough of those. Have you really figured out what it does mean to you?

In a year equivalent to:

  • A Free box of tampons
  • A Free box of pads
  • A Free box of liners
  • $48 in coupons
  • 12 wristlets 🙂

That’s just ONE type of product ! Could you not find something better to do with the money you didn’t have to dish out of your budget to buy these?

**Just think one product approx $75 annual savings, so if we could find this savings on 10 products that would be $750 Back in your budget Annually!

On Tuesday ! Don’t forget to keep your eyes open and score yours 🙂 Click here to see deets 🙂


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