Did you win Free Product Coupons?? Check the list!!



Instagram Winner!! andrea_hockeygirl

5 Winners will each receive 10 Free product coupons each

Ann Arsenault
Linda Baron
Melissa Butler

5 winners will each receive 5 Free Product coupons

Tania Woodrow
Jayna Kroll
Phyllis Cadwell
Sandra Fernades
Brandon Korol

Please note the display of the winners on the page differ from how I have them listed; inside the app that picks the winners I copied them down in the order they were drawn, when I hit display winners I noticed only on the screen displayed to you that the order changed. If you are unsure if it is you, I am currently in the process of emailing each and every winner 🙂  If any winners would would like me to screen shot behind the scenes to show where your name showed on the list I can however I would be blacking out others information for privacy 🙂



Facebook Giveaway!
2 winners receive 12 Free Product Coupons each are!!!

Terri Baker
Chris Erb

Congrats to you all 🙂



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