Do you think you could raise a child for under $4000 a year? Coupon Nannie doesn’t think she could!! #Raisingachild #CouponNannie

 988349_10152955222195078_1739053102_nDo you think you could raise a child for under $4000 a year? Coupon Nannie doesn’t think she could!!

Source for this is from CBC Click here for full story

The Fraser Institute says it’s never been easier financially to raise a child in Canada, with the annual cost much lower than many believe, a finding criticized by some who argue the think-tank fails to account for the cost of daycare.

The conservative public policy institute, in a report released Thursday, says it is possible to raise a child on about $3,000 to $4,000 a year, and even less if parents only include necessary expenses and are careful with their dollars.


Roy and I have 4 children between us ages 11, 17,18,20 and our Granddaughter Devyn who is 14 months old. We have a bit of experience being financially responsible for children 🙂 Coupon Nannie as I am, we all know if I can save money or get a deal I will do it. When I saw this story on the media………It got my attention….. 3000-4500 a year to raise a child!  Child care not included…. I’m Coupon Nannie and I don’t think I could do it!  These are numbers I figured out being an EXTREME COUPONER The report indicates

Sarlo concedes his lower estimate is based on the cost of providing a child’s essential needs, such as food, clothing, personal care, household supplies, recreation and school supplies.


I hadn’t even seen what was “included” I had made my own very basic list first but now I’ll add his essentials too!

I’m going to use the amount of $4000 to be fair 🙂

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say additional housing (the cost of an additional bedroom) including heat, lights & water would cost $100 per month!

  • $4000 – 1200 ($100 per month for 12 months) leaves $2800

$2800 a year / 12 months in a year is $233.33 per month or $58.33 per Week or $8.33 per day Items in blue were from my list! Items in Green were the ones included in the report

  • Clothing
  • Medication (prescriptions, co pay, over the counter)
  • Milk & or formula recommended for healthy growth and development in children
  • Daily food (as recommended by Canada’s food guide)
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Household Supplies
  • School Supplies
  • Recreation

*** Note there is no allowance for any type of transportation cost or emergencies of any kind**


Let’s see what is “reasonable”!


Winter Coat
Winter Ski pants
Spring/Fall coat
bathing suit
summer hat

**Even shopping at Thift shops or having all the basics given to you; items such as socks, undergarments, are always required**

$4000- $1200 (housing) – $500 (Clothing) we are left with $2300!


If kids go around other kids I can guarantee they are going to get sick at least ONCE in a year!

Every Parent buys at least ONCE a year!

  • Tylenol (flu & pain)
  • Cough/Cold medicine
  • Prescription for antibiotics or something else. Even on Social Assistance your looking at $5 for a co pay for your prescription!
  • Polysporin, allergy meds, band aids, calamine lotion

$4000- $1200 (housing) – $500 (Clothing) – $50 (Medication)

we are left with $2250!


Drinking two cups of milk a day is enough to balance vitamin D and iron needs in most young children, a Canadian study suggests. Click here for source

500 ml is 2 Cups

In a 2 ltr carton of milk there would be enough for 4 days ! On Average you will need 4 litres a week! I know here in Nova Scotia EVEN if I go to Giant Tiger and get milk at cost I’m still looking at $5.99

$5.99 per week X 52 Weeks a year!  $311.48

$4000- $1200 (housing) – $500 (Clothing) – $50 (Medication) – $311.48 (milk)

we are left with $1938.52! $5.31 PER DAY left and you still need to pay for!



  • Daily food (as recommended by Canada’s food guide)
  • Personal Hygiene (Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste ) $200 annually
  • Household Supplies
  • School Supplies (School supplies & fees $100 min)
  • Recreation ($60 annually)

$4000- $1200 (housing) – $500 (Clothing) – $50 (Medication) – $311.48 (milk)

we are left with $1938.52! – $200 (Personal hygiene) – $100 (School Supplies)- $60 (Recreation) is $1578.52 is $4.32 per day!

  • Daily food (as recommended by Canada’s food guide)
  • Household Supplies

I looked up Canada’s food guide for recommended to keep healthy & happy children Click here to see food guide


$10 for transportation to allow at least a trip to the doctor and back or for miscellaneous needs a month

Sooooooooooooooooo your left with $4 PER DAY for Household and food for your child!

Househould supplies; cleaner, toilet paper, kleenex you can minus $0.50 a day!


$3.50 a day to Feed the child!

And after the milk requirement I need to keep in mind! The standards for proper health and development following Canada’s food guide!
4-8 servings of veggies & fruit
3-8 servings of Grain Products
1-2 servings of Meat and Alternatives


Soooooooooooooooooo Unrealistic !!


Also, children older than 10 or 11 typically do not require any kind of daycare.

Really? I can guarantee you if you leave your 10 year old home alone and Child Protective Services finds out…….good luck!! Yes lets have more kids and leave them home alone to have not support and guidance and WHAT is wrong with that? Let’s leave children at home alone unsupervised….LOVE IT! NOT


Would love to hear your thoughts? This would be based on a child who has outgrown the diaper/formula stage!!


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