Does Shopping around really make a difference???? #Shopping #Bargains #Grocery

Does Shopping around really make a difference????

I have heard people from time to time say it really doesnt matter what store you go to as all the prices are high and you don’t save any more from one than the other. It all balances out. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I beg to differ 🙂 It’s also good to take some extra with you incase you see a I cant pass up deal.

KDinnerKraft Dinner is a common staple in many houses especially if you have children. If you have noticed the price is creeping up and up.

This week at Super Store they were on sale for 2/$1 at Sobeys it is on sale for 2/$3

20 at the Super Store is $10 opposed to $30 at the Sobeys. That’s a total of $20 DIFFERENCE!!! Just think how many more things you could buy with $20!!

berriesI found something to spend savings on! Blackberries & Blueberries were BOTH $0.96 EACH at Superstore! This store only sale. I grabbed 2 of each! When I went to Sobeys they were both $3.96 each!!

SuperStore $13.84 opposed to $45.84 for the IDENTICAL ITEMS!! A DIFFERENCE OF $32.00

So I head off to Sobeys as they have their 10/$10 sale on (FYI you do not need to buy 10 items; its worded that way to get people to spend at least $10; it just means items are $1 each lol)

And this ladies & gentlemen is why you take a few extra dollars!

meatRegular price of $5.99 they are good until January 5th on for a This store only sale for $0.99 EACH  ~ I Listened really hard and I could hear my deep freezer yelling “we have room, we have room”  I grabbed 3!!  $17.97 worth of protein for $2.97

I went to Sobeys to get Devyns “treats” candyHer treats were on sale 2/$5, Buy 2 get 4 Air Miles. We had 2 coupon for $1.50 each!! 2 Cost us $2 after coupons but wait wait there are $1 coupons in each for $1 off Bear Paws!

Not bad Not bad huh! Spent $2 and got 2 boxes of treats, 2 X $1 coupons and 4 Air Miles WHOOH!


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  1. Aren’t you just cherrypicking items to make a point? Aside from the berries, you got savings on junk food. The expiring-soon meat made me chuckle.

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