Dollarama, any other dollar stores & Back to School – Use Caution ! Not Always the Best #Deal! #Help Kids with #BacktoSchool

dollarDollarama & Back to School – Use  Caution

Back to school is not far off and this is the time of year we start scouting for back to school items! Once upon a time the Dollarama only had items that were $1; a thing of the past many items are now much more. Our mind still thinks of a dollar and we rush in there and over spend on school supplies.

I can think of Only 3 Back to School Items that are a better deal at the Dollar store:

  • Dictionary (Including French and French/English)
  • Math Sets (those math sets we buy every year as they are on the list but yet never seem to ever get used)
  • Calculators

That’s it! Get out of that store or you will overspend!

Staples is Great for Back to School Deals on Supplies and even better news is this year you can also earn AIR MILES!!!

Item’s I can guarantee you can find cheaper at Staples for back to school:

  • Pens, Pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters, color pencils, etc
  • Paper, Scribblers, Binders, Dividers, Duo a tangs, Report Covers
  • Pencil Cases, Scissors,Glue, tape, construction paper, note pads

*** If you are financial able; You do not need to have kids ***  please consider picking up a few extras, an extra package of pencils, a few extra 9 cent duo a tangs, an extra box of crayons, put it in a bag and if you have children sent it to school with them with a note for the teacher letting her know they are “extras”. If you do not have children, Drop them off at the first school you pass by. Many children do not have basic supplies; often teachers buy extra supplies out of their income to help these kids. An extra package of paper at back to school time will run you approx $0.19, a package of pencils about $0.39, duo a tangs are around $0.09! This can make a HUGE difference in a child’s life. Our teachers have challenging enough days without needing to worry about kids not having the basic supplies *****

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  1. Actually,
    Reward Stickers /Certificates/ Classroom Clip-art ( Apples etc) that I use in my Program Classroom, are cheaper than buying them from a catalogue or at Staples/ Walmart etc.

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