Drop Your Electric Bill Drastically ~ Here is the Proof ~

NSPCDrop Your Electric Bill Drastically

This is a picture from MY PERSONAL Electric Bill !! Yes I may be Coupon Nannie HOWEVER just like you I may read things & not believe they are quite effective as an article or tip claims 🙂

Here are 2 previous articles I wrote. I strongly recommend you read if you want to DROP the cost of your bill!!

It’s not hard to see how easily things can get out of hand if you don’t keep a close watch on things!

We switched all our light bulbs over in March & Added more power bars.

The biggest thing we did the last 2 months was to keep everything unplugged when not in use. Your Tassimo doesn’t need to be plugged in all day while you are at work. Your toaster doesn’t need to preheat so why have it plugged in if you don’t need it!!

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