#FeaturePoints ! Earn Gift Cards For Trying Free Apps !! Hurry get 50 Free Points!!

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Earn Gift Cards! Yep there is an app for that!


With technology everywhere, Everyone has an iPhone, Ipad, or Android Device. Everyone Loves & Uses Apps!!  Thanks to Lexie (my son’s girlfriend, aka Sophia’s mother) she found Feature Points! Not only do you you earn points that you can redeem for great gift cards just for trying out Free Apps.IMG_3207






Get awesome rewards like iTunes, Amazon, Xbox and Starbucks gift cards for trying free apps.



If you refer a friend or family member and they sign up with you link; you will earn 50% of the points they make as well. They make 100 points, you make 50 points 🙂 Lexie was smart to let me know as she knows I am a member of both Swagbucks and Superpoints. Soooooooooooooooooooooo I joined under her and she will make 50% off the points I make 🙂


You can score 50 FREE Points to start off your Account ! Both Canada & US welcome!!

If you have iPhone or Ipad Click here to register for Free!!

If you have Android Click here to register for Free !!


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