Earn Rewards for You :) While Seeing the Best Products for Babies :)


Earn rewards just for Mom

When you’re taking care of the kids, it is easy to forget about yourself. But we won’t let you! Add your favorite baby products, review them, and earn points – redeemable for rewards especially for Mom.

There are lots of easy ways to earn points while helping friends. You can invite friends to Bellafind, recommend favorite baby products, and review products. Every time someone says your review was helpful, you earn additional points!

Rewards for mom just got better

Starting July 1st, Bellafind will launch the new and improved Rewards for Mom program! The new program will let you win gift cards to some of your favorite retailers. At the end of the month, everyone with enough points is automatically entered to win one of the many gift cards we’ll give out. Your point total will then reset to zero on the first day of the following month, and you’ll be ready to start earning again!

In July, we will be giving away gift cards to what is probably one of your favorite stores… Amazon.com!

But that’s not the best part – the amount of that gift card increases depending on how many points you have!

The more points you have, the better the payout…
And the more chances you have to win!
Gold level  Silver level  Bronze level

More points doesn’t just qualify you for a larger prize – it actually provides more opportunities for you to win! If you don’t win the prize at your point level, you’ll automatically be entered into the levels below you for additional chances to win!

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