Email Offers – How many freebies are you deleting ?

Email Offers are loaded with Free Offers

Are you tossing out many of the amazing email offers worth hundreds of dollars? I often see people who post in groups like Coupon Nannie and other coupons or freebie groups wondering how people got that amazing freebie. They come in your emails and more often than not you either do not open them, you delete them or they are in your spam folder and you have never seen them.

In the last 30 days, the emails I have received and what was inside:

  • Email from my Canadian Tire Credit Card “gifting” one free year of Bronze road side assistance valued at $79.00 (We put that on Roy’s truck as my car came with 5 years free)
  • Email from our other Canadian Tire Credit card “gifting” $2000 worth of life insurance with nothing to pay. (It may only be $2000 but expenses can add up after a death and that can help)
  • Email from Shoppers Drug Mart to choose from a box of chocolates or nuts with a “gift” value of up to $19.99
  • Email from P&G for a Free Calendar from Shutter Fly with a value of $19.99 (makes a great gift)
  • Email from Goat Case (my daughter got an overly priced phone case last year for Christmas) to receive a free case  and only pay for shipping $40 USD phone case free and only had to pay $5 USD Shipping.
  • Email from Kandoo for my daughters phone, giving her a free $100 credit for any accessories if she upgraded but needed the email for the extra $100 in Freebies!!

This does not include special coupon codes to save tons of cash off my favourite stores, free gifts with purchase and activating offers such as 25X the points at Shoppers Drug Mart & More.  Check your spam folders, unsubscribe from any you do not use, check frequently so you do not miss any extras or Free Offers!!

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