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It is Christmas time on the Internet and there are tons up tons up tons of giveaways and contests! You scan score some incredible things. There is not a year that goes by that I don’t win something worth over $100 or more. One year I won 3 mini Ipads. I have won $500 gift cards, gift backs, sneakers, clothes, food, decorations and more! These contest come out annual and are legit! Make sure you check your emails daily as winners need to get a hold of them asap. If you see Couponnannie.ca at the end of any of the contest links that is simply showing the company where the traffic is coming from; it is not giving me any advantage. Please let us know when you win things as we love to hear that. If your needing an Instagram or Twitter or Facebook contest partner to tag you, post in comments and help each other out. You cannot win if you don’t enter! If you find some we don’t have Please list them in comments and referral inks are fine! We will enter under you.

Dec 2 Lighthouse Labs https://wn.nr/5BwYPr

Dec 6 Laneige Canada https://www.facebook.com/LANEIGE.Canada

Dec 8 Rexall https://www.instagram.com/rexalldrugstoreofficial/

Dec 12 Armor All Canada https://www.facebook.com/ArmorAllCanada/
Dec 12 Amidst the Chaos https://www.instagram.com/amidst.the.chaos/
Dec 12 All Things Kortney https://www.instagram.com/allthingskortneywilson/

Dec 12 Campy Home https://www.instagram.com/campyhome/

Dec 12 Danetab https://www.instagram.com/danetab/
Dec 12 Flora https://www.florahealth.com/us/12daysofjoy/

Dec 12 Fraiche Living https://fraicheliving.com/1

Dec 12 KiehlsCanada https://www.instagram.com/kiehlscanada/
Dec 12 Newman Insurance (ONTARIO ONLY) https://www.facebook.com/newmaninsurance/

Dec 12 Timber and Gray https://www.instagram.com/timberandgray/

Dec 12 Jillian Harris https://12days.jillianharris.com/
Dec 12 Shoppers Drugmart https://www.instagram.com/shoppersdrugmart/

Dec 12 Raising My Joyful Crew https://www.instagram.com/raisingmyjoyfulcrew/

Dec 13 oasis https://www.cbc.ca/celebrate-cranberry-contest/index.php
Dec 13 Global/Hasbro https://promos.globaltv.com/hasbro-bring-home-the-fun-holiday-giveaway/enter.html
Dec 15 Ellen https://www.ellentube.com/giveaway/12days-ellenshop-cocoa.html

Dec 17 Oaken Financial https://www.oakenminutes2money.com/
Code Words: TFSA, PersonalFinance, Oaken

Dec 18 Cetaphil (weekly) https://www.facebook.com/cetaphil.ca

Dec 18 National Bank https://www.concoursbnc.ca/

Dec 24 DHL https://inmotion.dhl/en/advent-calendar/?couponnannie.ca

Day 24 Gaylea https://24daysofcookies.ca/?utm_source=CouponNannie.ca
Dec 24 OC Hair Bath & Beauty https://vy.tc/kkC6840
Dec 24 Reebee https://www.reebee.com/days-of-christmas?utm_source=couponNannie.ca

Dec 25 Radio Flyer https://content.radioflyer.com/giveaway/25Days.aspx?utm_source=couponnannie.ca

Dec 31 Linen Chest https://woobox.com/6vbvfr/n4fy91
Jan 4th Tunespeak http://tnspk.co/V-odRVs
Jan 7 Kitchen Makeover https://m.lndg.page/GwZ7vk?sre=QBBmzoIkvNLxn


  1. I love Bassili’s Best and I would serve it with garlic bread. I would share the coupons with my family. Thank you for the giveaway.

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