Extra Savings at Sobey’s ~ Attach Instant Coupons & Bonus AirMiles – Weekly

Extra Savings at Sobey’s ~ Attach Instant Coupons & Bonus Air Miles – Weekly

Did you know that Sobey’s now has their own app? You can now update your weekly bonus instant saving coupons and bonus Air Miles offers.

There is various things I love about these offers:

  • Each week there is 10-15 new offers
  • Score a large bonus for spending X amount (For example: 25 Air miles for spending $60)
  • Earn for things that normally do not have Air Miles such as Fruits and Vegetables
  • Money saving instant coupons for set amounts, Bogo and  percentage off (For Example $2.00 off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free or 25% off)
  • New Offers are available to load to your Air Miles card every Wednesday!
  • Valid at Foodland as well
  • Discounts and bonus will automatically be added at checkout when you give your Air Miles with your loaded offers.
  • All offers and discounts are on top of any all ready advertised in store or in flyer









No phone or tablet to download an App? No problem visit GetMyOffers.ca to load your offers. This is an Amazing Way to rack up Air Miles. Remember you can redeem 95 Air Miles for $10 in products so the faster your rack up your Air Miles; the quicker you can get Free Groceries.


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