April’s Fan of the Month! Win a $25 Gift Card of Your choice!! #Freebie #GiftCard

  Fan of the Month! Win a $25 Gift Card of Your choice!! #Freebie #GiftCardFan of the Month


Do you want to win a gift card of YOUR CHOICE??

We have given away 3 so far!!

How do you get entries?? Sooooooooooooo Easy!!

  • Print Coupons from our Smart Source Portal by clicking here Than scroll to the bottom of that page and comment and let me know how many coupons you printed. Each coupon you print is a entry 🙂
  • Feed Settings Check and make sure you have all the correct items checked off so you see our posts
  • Interact with us on our Facebook Page
  • Interact on our Twitter Page
  • Invite Friends  
  • See all the different ways below



Remember! You can win a $25 Gift Card of YOUR CHOICE!!!


  1. Everything seems good, maybe just one or two more contests to go along with all the great coupons that you offer to us!!!

  2. What a great giveaway for your fans who are here to save money. Didn’t even know there was a fan of the month til just now!

  3. I never knew you had a fan of the month contest until now! What an awesome opportunity for someone each month just by being a fan.

  4. I have found your website and it does help me manage savings, especially for a big extended family who will visit the first time in Canada this is a big help for me, would you believe in ne household about 11 plus 3 head count, we need a small bus to shop. But with your web, it does help me save

  5. Walmart or dollarama would be awesome. This would help a lot. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after my son was born but feel I had it longer. No work means being on social assistance and i depend on coupons. Thank you. I’ll share this so others get a chance also.

  6. How great is this.. I love everything about coupons and how to use them. Thanks for helping us save money!

  7. Great tips and love saving money , i so love coupons , thanks for all the hard work you do , to share with us all 🙂

  8. I think your site is awesome. The reasons I need to coupon is to save money or maybe even win something. I am not healthy enough to work (trying to get a Disability Pension as I speak) so we are only on one salary, which is every hard when you have three daughters and the prices of everything is going through the roof. They talk about groceries raising in price, but when you start to purchase other things, it is everything and don’t get me started on the size of everything now also. So thank you for helping out people like me:)

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