FPC – Free Product Coupons! Where do they come from? #CouponNannie score this great #MrsDash #Coupon #Canada

mrsdashMrs. Dash – FPC – Free Product Coupon!

Yes I won one 🙂 A question I get asked quite often is where do all the FPC (Free Product Coupons) come from. A larger number come from Facebook; however more and more offers are showing up on Twitter!

Like many Canadians; a Twitter expert I am not. When Twitter entered the world; the USA took Twitter by storm; while Canada as with many other things…..are a tad behind. Personally myself I have been online forever….I remember when all the topics you could find on the internet you could find on a sheet of paper lol But I did not get a Twitter account until this year!

More and More USA based companies that are now marketing more towards the Canadian market have a USA based Twitter account and now have a Canadian Version. We know Mrs. Dash has been around forever but it was only recently they had a Canadian Facebook page. I have not seen great Promotions like this on their Facebook page 🙂  Most US companies you will find start their marketing on Twitter first as that is the platform they are use to using!

I know a few others have scored this on Twitter as well as nail polish that has real gold in it! When I find promotions like this I retweet them on TheCouponNannie Twitter Account. Add @TheCouponNannie on Twitter to follow us 🙂 Let that be step one if you never did it before 🙂 Even if you only use your account for promotions, coupons & freebies ! It’s a start and you won’t miss tons of great coupons and freebies!

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