FREE CHAPMANS!! CHEAP #MapleLeaf , #GiantTiger DOUBLE Flyer Wednesday!! Don’t Miss these DEALS!!

Giant Tiger logo_enDouble Flyer Wednesday!!!

Click here to see BOTH Flyers!!

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They are Coupon Friendly & Price Match!!!

Here are the Deals I’ll be scoping up this week with Coupons!!


Melitta Only $7.97 ! There are lots of $2 Tear Pad coupons Making it Only $5.97 ! Limit of 4!

breadD’Italianos Breads or Buns $2.27 – Lots of $0.75 Coupons floating around making these only $1.52 Each. Limit for 4 so get there Early!


maple leafMaple Leaf Top Dogs Only $2 WOW! Even if you don’t have coupons $2 is a STEAL! STOCK UP! However there are coupons for $0.50  on tear pads and $1 WUB (when you buy 2) from Great Facebook Coupons that the crew puts out (Watch on all the Facebook pages as you never know when Katrina will release coupons 🙂


CHAPMANS!!! Only $2.77!! Did you know Chapmans will mail your family a $4 Coupon (it use to be $5) once Annually upon request? Click here to get yours  **If your kids sign up for free to the Chapman’s Kids club they can play games and win free gear and more Coupons!!

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