Free or Close to it! What Items should be dropping in Price BIG TIME SOON! #Savings #Season #Discounts

summerAugust generally is the month of reality! Summer is on the out swing and back to school mode!

What that means is FREEBIE MODE & SUPER CHEAP! Here are a list of items combined with end of season clearance deals!

  • Sunscreen & associated products
  • Bug repellent and associated products
  • Summer flavored products
  • Little Swimmers or other diaper swimming pants
  • These items will all be good next season only you can get them super cheap and often free!

If you have it in your budget and have space here are other items you can get at significant discounts

  • Swimming Pools, Swimming gear, Beach Toys
  • BBQ, Outside Patio, Fire Pits
  • Lawn gear such as lawn mower, planting pots, etc
  • Flip flops, sunglasses, swim suits
  • Last years stock on snow suits, snow blowers


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