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Since we don’t live in Flordia; the next best thing is online right? Wouldn’t it be great if the wonderful Free Seminar being offered from Teresa Tapp could be accessible to YOU!!! I’m reviewing the book now but I can’t wait for this seminar to ensure I am doing everything right!!

First this is what you need to know:


There is an online seminar and demonstration of T-Tapp by Teresa Tapp this

Tuesday evening, May 19, 2015, live from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, Eastern standard time.

It will then be streamed for 24 hours so you can watch it at any time the next day.


Teresa Tapp is excited to share her secrets how and why the T-Tapp Method of muscle activation is so effective with only one set of 8 repetitions or less for the rest of your life.  She will explain the primary principles how T-Tapp workouts progressively improve strength, flexibility and healthy heart function without equipment, intensity or impact.  She will also teach several exercises, as well as how to increase muscle activation during regular activity throughout your day.


During the webinar/seminar Teresa will be teaching:


  • How to lose a lot of inches without loose skin – even 100 lbs!

  • How to develop muscles with density instead of bulk

  • How to increase bone density without weights regardless of age – even seniors over 80!

  • How to flatten your belly faster using your fingers and feet

  • How to decrease inflammation with movement

  • How to decrease sciatica pain within minutes

  • How to decrease saddlebags within a week


Only  registration is required in order to receive it online LIVE from 6:30 – 8 pm (Florida time) along with free streaming for 24 hours CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!!!

See the T Tapp Flyer below to see real pictures !!

T Tapp Free Seminar Flyer

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