Free Tea at Davids’ Tea March 17th Only

SPD-email-1.4-04Free Tea if your Wearing Green  at David’s Tea

If you are wearing Green; you can go into your local David’s Tea

and Get a Free Tea of the Day

March 17th Only!!

Click Here to find your location!

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One comment

  1. HEY HOW R U ?? I have printed off 2 ads for my Sweetness so he won’t forget
    to get his FREE TEA..HE has already picked out his GREEN BAY Packers shirt
    and hat to wear.. ROTFLMAO..MY point is GREAT SITE but is that the proper date
    or is it 2015 ? also on the other ad is does not say\ in-store\…
    cindy & doug

    MOONfire – MOOSE

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