Free Tea for Coupon Nannie today! How much are you being overcharged!! Click to Stop Overpaying!!

SCOPSCOP!! Are you paying too much!!

This time of year its VERY VERY Important to keep an eye on the cash! If you don’t you’ll end up paying too much! Tetley Tea is on sale for 2/$5 at Sobeys. Regular Price is $5.49 . I noticed it immediately and mentioned it to the cashier, who called over the supervisor! It rang up incorrectly and as per  SCOP since the item was under $10 I received the item for FREE! The 2nd one I go at the sale price! I had originally handed the cashier 2 coupons for $2 thinking I would get my tea for $0.0 each after coupon. the cashier handed me back one of the coupons since I didn’t need to pay for that one item!

SCOP means in a nut shell if the price comes up on the cashier different than the advertised price or price on the product you get the first item free up to $10 (If the item is over $10 you get $10 off INSTANTLY) Click here to read more on Scop!!

There have been questions about SCOP in regards to when it is effective. As SOON as the price shows up WRONG on the register you are ELIGIBLE! You do not need to wait for the transaction to be over!!.

Click here to see more reasons why you should keep your receipts!!







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