Free Breakfast at Sobeys with Frying Pan Purchase :)

IMG_0806WHOOH! Sobey’s Breakfast Deal & Pepsi Coupons were Huge Score 🙂

Sooo I headed out to Sobey’s today to grab the Breakfast Deal

SOB_PR0689_139_SobBASEFeb12_0009_NEW_img12The Deal is $14.99 for the Frying Pan and You get the breakfast for Free!

I grabbed 2 of these 🙂 so that cost to me is  $29.98. What comes free with the regular prices if they were not Free today is listed below 🙂 Keep in Mind I got 2 of each 🙂

  • Large Eggs White $3
  • Oakland Farm English Muffins $2.49
  • McCain Hash browns $2.89
  • Butter Ball Turkey Bacon $5.49
  • Oasis Juice $2.09


I received my Pepsi Coupons today (Click here to see the offer to get yours) so I grabbed my goodies 🙂

  • Tostitos Cantina Thin $3.49 – FPC so FREE
  • Twistos Cracker $2.69 – FPC so Free (Item had a $2 coupon on the package)
  • Tropicana Orange Juice $3.99  FPC so Free
  • Pepsi Can 12 pk $6.49 – FPC so Free ($200 worth of coupons on box) IMG_0807
  • Tostitos Resturant Style $3.49 – FPC so FREE
  • 2 lt Ginger Ale $2.29 – FPC so FREE


Since Miss Tylia cooked our McCain Pizza’s last night I had my coupons that showed in the pictures. SOOO I Picked out another 2 pk of McCains at $10.99 – $2 Coupon so $8.99 and get all the coupons on the back of the box again:)

IMG_0798I was also lucky to get an email from Milk Bone which gave me a BOGO Coupon so I picked up 2 boxes of Granola Milk Bones at $3.99 each but due to BOGO I only had to pay that once 🙂

Salsa was on sale for 2/$5 and I had 2 BOGO Coupons (Click here to get yours) so I piked up 3 bottles obviously 🙂

I picked up 3 Clear shampoo they had for $2.99 each 🙂 I had 3 coupons for $2 each so they were $0.99 each (Checkout51 had a $2 Cash Back offer) soo I techinally only paid $1 for 3 🙂

I also picked up 2 Dove deodorant which were 2/$ and I had a Bogo Coupon and a $2 off coupon and Checkout51 had a $1 cash Back offer making it free)

Grabbed Boiled eggs too for $1.19 and had a Free product coupon making it Free 🙂


End of the day It cost me $53.53 plus tax and I scored 15 AirMiles 🙂 & I have $212 in Coupons on packages 🙂 $3 Cash Back 🙂


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