French’s Ketchup & Loblaw’s – What’s the real reason it was temporarily pulled #French’s

French’s Ketchup & Loblaw’s – What’s the real reason it was temporarily pulled #French’s

0315french It all started only a few days ago and it was all about Ketchup! It was also Canadian Pride and supporting our Canadian Farmers!

Some Background: Heinz Ketchup closed down it’s Leamington plant in Ontario putting many out of work and moved it’s operation to south of the boarder in the US. Many Canadians became very supportive of French’s ketchup due to it now operating out of the Leamington location and using Canadian tomatoes!

What happened March 14th! Loblaw’s announced they were dropping French’s Ketchup from their stores effective immediately! Click here to see CBC’s story

What happened next! The pure power of social media! Due to public pressure on March 15th, the decision was reversed and stated publicly they would now continue to carry French’s ketchup. CBC updated the story here!

Could it be just this easy? No, of course not, nothing could be this easy on social media, there is always a “secret”. Today on March 17th, the Financial Post published an article with what really could have been the cause of it all, check it out here

Could the fact that French’s was was outselling the PC Brand be the case?  Do you really think that French’s was underselling and that was the real reason?  Let us know what you think 🙂

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  1. I think it doesn’t matter why Loblaw’s dropped French’s Ketchup, because the complaints on social media made them bring it back. However, I expect it was outperforming their own PC product and that did not serve their greedy purposes!

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