Fun Unexpected Deals at Shoppers Drug Mart

IMG_0276 (640x480)Fun Unexpected Deals at Shoppers Drug Mart

I was going to Shoppers to grab some Eggo’s as they were on sale for $1.99 and I had $1 coupons! I picked up 10 of them !  Devyn loves her yogurt bites and I saw they had 6 marked down to $1.01 from $3.99 so they all went in the cart! They also had her blueberry little puffs, 2 containers for $1.01 each (Devyn has a variety of empty containers we fill with her favorite cereals as it keeps them fresh and she snacks on them throughout the day)

Eggs are on for $1.99 so I used the coupon to save $1 WUB 2. Used my FPC to get the Kinder eggs for free, Milk to go is $0.99 and I used the $0.50 coupon, Grabbed Devyn her Free Baboo (Barb sent her a coupon – a great fan)

I had a coupon for X15 the points WUS $40 (that’s before coupons) and those points will be credited to my account Jan 30-2014 ! BUT BUT…………. I only spent $21.45 out of pocket and scored 300 optimum points!

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