Get 12 Free Smoothies! Thanks to Good Food!

Gift your friends the Gift of FREE & Healthy! Good Food

Share Good food Smoothies with your friends, your coworkers, and your family by sending them a FREE BOX of Goodfood Smoothies. That’s 12 free smoothies for each of them.

Use the promo code BKSHARE12 with them and have them visit. The default promo code only gives you 40% off so make sure you replace with this promo code!

Go to Breakfast/Smoothies

You do not have to choose the 12 smoothies that are pre chosen you can mix and match your own smoothie options!

You will have to cancel your subscription to stop receiving automatic deliveries with a charge. I recommend skipping the next upcoming weeks just to make sure then emailing or chatting with them to cancel after you receive your free smoothie box. New customers only. Unless of course you want to continue. Roy and I have tried meal plans from various places and have always been satisfied and a great way to explore new foods and give you the desire to be more creative in kitchen.

I personally stayed away from the coffee based ones but picked more of the fruity and protein ones as it follows more in line with my meal plan from Simply for Life. Let me know what flavours you picked. Good Food sign up here or above

Thanks Anna for heads up on offer 🙂

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