Get Bonus Free Sausage & Bonus Free Bacon ! Fill that Freezer in Atlantic Canada

IMG_3030 If you thought last weeks deal to get free sausage and free bacon was great, wait until you hear this one!

This week Sobeys Atlantic has Maple Leaf Meat Pies on for $1.00

You buy 3 Maple Leaf products and you get the Sausage for free (You must find one with a sticker) and the Bacon automatically rings in free.

Every 3 bacon (even though they are free) qualify you for another free sausage (with sticker) and another bacon will ring in free.

To recap how this works you will :

  • Buy 9 meat pies that will cost you $9.00 out of pocket
  • You get 3 Sausage Free (Make sure they have stickers on them for free product)
  • You get 3 Ready Crisp Bacon Free (It rings in free automatically you do not need a coupon)
  • Due to the fact that there is no coupon required for the ready crisp bacon and you are getting 3, which are maple leaf products that gives you another free sausage (make sure there is a sticker on it) and another free bacon.


You pay $9 and walk out with 4 bacon, 4 sausage and 9 meat pies!


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