Get into the Weekly Max your Grocery Budget Routine! #GroceryBudget

Get into the Weekly Max your Grocery Budget Routine!


Here is one routine you can’t afford not to join! It cost you nothing it saves you lots!! Groceries and household items such as toilet tissue, diapers and cleaning supplies can sure take a huge chunk out of your monthly budget! Here is an easy step by step to shave Money off your budget EVERY WEEK!!



Check each week  your flyers whether you check them with physical flyers, use an app, your favorite blog ! Just make sure you check and see where the best deals are. Sometimes a quick look can save you HUNDREDS!!


couponsSTEP 2

Check your coupons, weekly match ups. Keep an eye on Coupon Nannie to find your hottest latest coupons. Match them up with what your getting! Check a nice list here


rewardsSTEP 3

Use your rewards card when you go to your favorite store! Just about all the stores have them now. They add up!! AirMiles, PC Plus, etc


CashbackSTEP 4

Check your Cash Back Ups! See the list here







Make sure you don’t throw them in the trash!




SurveysSTEP 6

Complete the survey you can win prizes, get coupons or even freebies



Step 7

mirSend in your Mail in Rebates so you get everything you can back!





Step 8

packageCheck your newly purchased items for any coupons and promotions!

Using these Steps will Help Stretch that Grocery Budget just a bit More!!

**Originally written in 2013

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