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Giant Tiger Deals! Laughing Cow under a buck See how! #GTBoutique

Who doesn’t love a great deal? I found an awesome unplanned deal. Laughing Cow cheese was on sale, I had a coupon and there was cash back!! A BUCK!!! Here is how you can get yours but you need to be quick as the last day for the sale is Tuesday!! Giant Tiger Deals!!

Look at the price at the Super Store!! $5 and $5.99.

I was shocked to go to the next store and see it cost almost $6 when I bought 5 for $5 after the deals!

First I went to Giant Tiger!! Its on sale for $2.99 !! The price is 1/2 that of the Superstore this week!

I found these coupons at Sobeys!! They can be used at any store!!

So now I only paid $1.99 for the Laughing Cow Cheese. My kids love these for school lunches and I love providing them with healthy options so we grabbed 5 different packages. At this point I thought under $2 was amazing but when I got to the car I was even more pumped! I checked Checkout51. The savings angles were with me today as would you believe I picked up the exact right kinds to get cash back!!

Top of picture 🙂

That means that laughing cow was only $0.99 after sale, coupon and cash back!! RUN to stock up! Put some in Freezer!! Amazing for the holidays!!

You can also get 10 cents cash back at Caddle for your receipt!

*** Please note if you are a VIP member at Giant Tiger please give them your number BEFORE the put in coupons otherwise they wont be able to give you any VIP discounts after the coupons go in.

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