Gaint Tiger Overage

Giant Tiger Paid me $1.65 to shop for these items and take them home :) Yes! Giant Tiger PAID ME! No out of pocket!! #GiantTiger

Gaint Tiger Overage Giant Tiger Paid me to Shop 🙂

Giant Tiger has an amazing coupon policy that allows you to get overages back on coupons; which means you get paid to shop and take the item out of the store!

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Tomorrow is my Birthday so Giant Tiger emailed me a free coupon! I picked Chocolate Almonds 🙂 So that was a FREE PRODUCT COUPON!

Cordon Blue can gravy was on sale for $0.77 ! I had 5 coupons (I emailed the company and they sent them to me- also referred to as company mail outs) Therefore I made $0.23 on overage for each coupon for a total of $1.65 ! Gift Card baby!

So Yes you can get paid to shop!


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