Giant Tiger Price Matching Made Easy :) Save more at @GTBoutique

quakerleclarGiant Tiger


Price Matching Made Easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Giant Tiger is one of my favorite places go stock up on favorite groceries and great prices are always a reason to stockย  up! I also had coupons for Leclerc cookies for $1.00 and Giant Tiger is coupon friendly so even more savings.

Giant Tiger also has an Amazing Giant Tiger Price Matching policy that as long as you show them a local competitors flyer they will not only meet that price they will beat it by $0.01. It adds up and many don’t realize just how much of a savings it can be!

quakerwalmartSuperstoreWalmart had Quaker bars on $0.21 cheaper a box plus the extra $0.01 is $0.22 savings per box ๐Ÿ™‚

Superstore had LeClerc cookies on $0.27 cheaper plus the extra $0.01 so $0.28 per box! Plus as I mentioned I had $1 coupons so overall savings on the cookies were $1.28.

This trip to Giant Tiger; these were the only items I had to price match as Giant Tiger had a lower price on everything else I was going to purchase; not including coupons; just price matching I saved an extra $2.50. It’s your money you worked hard for ~ make sure you spend it well ~


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