GIVE AWAY ! Lotto Max Est Jackpot is 40 MILLION! Get your Name on This TICKET!!!


Guess what Coupon Nannie Fans & Canadian Basic Fans 🙂 I picked us up a Ticket!!!

IMG_7640 (479x640)I wrote the sites names at the top !

Draw is tonight for EST 40 MILLION DOLLARS

How can you add your name to this ticket? Like, Share and Comment (ALL 3 MUST be done to be eligible)  and let us know what would be the FIRST thing you would do if we won?

Comments accepted to 8:30 PM TONIGHT Nova Scotia Time 🙂

**Must be a fan of Either Coupon Nannie and/or Canadian Basics



  1. I would pay off my bills and house, then go away on a fabulous vacation with my family where I could think about all the things I could do to help people and animals.

  2. I would take my kids on a great camping that they want to do this summer and have a great time. And buy myself something nice. 🙂

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