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3fruityogactiveYogActive 3 Fruits Probiotic Cereal 🙂


In case you missed how excited Devyn was and her security crew 🙂 Click here 🙂  

I previously mentioned I had to hide a box so I could try them 🙂 Coupon Nannie Fans have always received great giveaway Sponsorship from the #YogActive family of products however as the “Host” I can’t enter; and I never keep anything for myself that was sent from a sponsor for fans; if it was sent for fans that is what we use it for 🙂  We were chatting about reviews; in the event you haven’t noticed we have many more reviews for products & services recently with many more coming ! I personally think it’s a great way for us all to learn more about the product and if it in fact is the best option for our family.  I can honestly say without coupons, giveaways and some of the great samples and offers such as #YogActive allow their fans to experience I would not have been introduced to many of our household favorites!  Miss Devyn is always helping Nannie and I am starting to belive she actually appears to know what we are doing when Nannie gets mail.  IMG_9059 (640x422)Nannie grabbed the YogActive and Devyn……well she grabbed the milk!!  I think perhaps her Aunt Tylia who goes to an all French school may have helped influenced their display 🙂 It’s great to see them taking pride  and attention to detail; great skill to have.

IMG_9060 (530x640)The first thing I noticed when I opened the aluminized bag was the bright colored berries sitting on top to greet me as I opened the bag: that shocked me considering these boxes of cereal were UPSed to me; I’ve purchased cereal at grocery stores and found any fruit at the bottom 🙁  I was off to a great start!

I poured the crunchy rice flakes with yogurt, real raspberries, blueberries and strawberries into my bowl! I  was pleasantly surprised to see just how much fruit was in my bowl! Before I even got the milk in the bowl I had to grab a yogurt pearl! DELICIOUS!

IMG_9055 (640x480)This was the most painful part of trying the Probiotic Cereal from YogActive……….waiting for the “soggy test” . It tasted amazing thus far, I was pleased with amount of fruit and yogurt pearls; the taste of the 3 Fruits; you could taste the the real fruit!!!  I sadly pushed my bowl away (I wanted to finish it right now!!) to wait to see if it passed the soggy test I checked out the Nutritional Facts and Ingredients!

“Soggy test” leaving the cereal in a bowl for a period of time until the “flakes” go soggy.



IMG_9062 (640x522)

IMG_9061 (234x640)


  • Source of Fibre

  • Low in Sodium

  • Source of Vitamin C


OK OK ENOUGH!! I want the rest of my YogActive!! Looks the exact same!………………….



Happy Happy Happy! It passed the test! STILL has crunchy rice flakes!!!  YES YES YES!!!

Understanding one of the most disappointing things is finding a great product you love and not being able to find it in your area! Living on the East Coast of Canada; that happens to us quite frequently! This is not the case with YogActive; I have seen it in stores right here in Nova Scotia!! BUT…………if your not able to find it or like me and if you can get it delivered why stand in the grocery line. We have Partnered up with YogActive to give you a great option to order it online 🙂 Click here to see the options available 🙂  You can always access that link on our main page on the left sidebar under Partners! If online coupon codes, discounts or anything special comes up you can be sure we’ll be on it for you!

Use Coupon Code NANNIE at Checkout to Save $5 !! Special Coupon!


YogActive would also love for 3 Lucky Coupon Nannie fans to get a chance to Try it out too! (You’ll love it!!) Every Thursday for the next 3 weeks I’ll choose a random entry to receive a Free BOX!! YogActive will ship a box directly to YOU!!! Lots of Daily Options for extra entries!  If you have been lucky and have tried it all ready………. Let us know what you think!! Updated: You also get a reusable bag for shopping too 🙂


 One Winner a Week will Win!! Last Draw on October 3rd!! Entry Daily!!

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**Please note Coupon Nannie was in no way compensated for this review. I received the product to try and give my honest feedback and opinions


  1. I have never tried this cereal but it looks like something I would like and I am trying to get more probiotics in my diet.

  2. I’d love to try it because I love cereal, I’ll eat it any time of the day and always have it as a snack before bed too lol but before bed is only if its really good, this sounds great, looks delicious 🙂

  3. I’ve been encouraged to eat probiotic everything. Not OD on it, as I do not enjoy the yogurts. But to try to get what I can at least a few times a week, this is a good option!

  4. It sounds absolutely delicious, we are big cereal fans and I would love to try this cereal! We always pair cereal and fruit so this would be easy for us!

  5. The cereal looks awesome! It is great to see healthier products coming out so we are not giving the kiddlets nothing but sugar in the morning

  6. I would love to try this. I have tried the chocolate one (which I can’t find anymore..must check their website…fingers crossed!) and it was awesome!!!

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