Give Away ! Win Shades!!

IMG_7725 (640x480)It’s so Hot around here You Need to Wear Shades!!

Thanks to a GENEROUS Donation from an Amazing Coupon Nannie Fan! Thanks to: Edwina Donovan

You get your chance to WIN!!

IMG_7726 (640x480) IMG_7727 (640x454)






Soooooooooooooo Easy! to to. Comment and let us know what you do to cool down! Like and share the post……..

Will announce the winner July 8th in the AM.


  1. Lots of liquids, dressed cool in the shade… but i do love my sun… with sunglasses of course..could use a new pair…

  2. I sit in a pool chair with a glass full of an iced beverage,,, and simply let the pool jets do all the work,,,

  3. I sit in the shade when I can’t be in the water, and I have this awesome spray bottle with a fan on the sprayer that keeps you nice and cool 🙂 I love drinking really cold water (or eating ice cubes lol)

  4. no air here 🙁
    oscillating fans and on the really hot days a bowl of ice infront of the fan.
    lots of water and cucumber to stay hydrated

  5. To cool off, i decided to take the family and my son’s friend to Village Val Cartier tomorrow, would’ve needed those nice sunglasses … thats gonna be nice time…

  6. Sit in a shaded area and drink plenty of water……or enjoy my air conditioning 🙂 Love the Summer

  7. We often take our daughter swimming, to a park or beach, drink water, use sunscreen and eat ice cream! Thanks for the chance!

    1. To stay cool, I relax under my tent in teh shade with a cool drink wearing some cool shades 🙂

  8. I am using a nice fan and drinking cold water to try and cool down. 29 degrees here in Newfoundland today !:)

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