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Contests, Giveaways, Contests, Sweepstakes etc they are all the same thing! Everything listed on Coupon Nannie you can enter in Canada! All Giveaways listed with the Exception of “Sponsored” are third party giveaways; we simply search the internet and find them for you and save them all here to make it easier for you to find them. You need to follow the rules & regulations as described within the contest.

There are lots of amazing giveaways, contests & sweep stakes that are for Canadian’s Coast to Coast! There are various types of contests;

  • Flash Giveaways – These are held on Facebook Pages it normally requires you to like a post and comment to answer their question and they choose a random winner. These giveaways are normally open 24-48 hours.
  • Instant Win, These are contest put on by brands that let you know instantly if you won a prize.
  • Enter Daily These are giveaways that you can enter daily!
  • One Time Entry – You can enter these contests only once
  • Sponsored Giveaways – These are contests Coupon Nannie or other blogs host and the prizes are sponsored by brands!
  • Twitter Parties – These are hosted on Twitter (You normally need to RSVP ahead of time) and they are very fast past contests. There can be hundreds of people attending the party at once. The party normally lasts an hour and there are between 6 – 10 questions asked. You must respond to the question, include the #Hashtag to the party and ensure that you are tagging the hosts or they can’t see your answer. If CouponNannie was hosting  party for SnapbyGroupon and it was a party called SaveCash it would be like this. Q1. What do you like most about the app? #SaveCash @SnapbyGroupon @TheCouponNannie   Your would respond with A1. Easy to use # SaveCash @SnapbyGroupon @TheCouponNannie
  • Facebook Parties – They are on a Facebook page – Normally every hour a question is posted (about another company) and you must post under that question to answer. There is between 8 – 10 questions. The following day; every hour a winner name is posted.

Can you really win?

If you enter you can win! Contest is only something I started checking out more about a year ago and well; I wish I started earlier. The biggest misconception people make is “I’ll never win there will be too many entries” I love it when everyone thinks that as it increase my odds 🙂

In the last few years I have won 3 mini ipads, Gift Cards, Gift Baskets, Baby stuff, Free Product Coupons, Speakers, Stereo, Dog stuff; the things are endless really.

What you need to know about Giveaways in Canada:

  • You need to be 18 years or old and/or have parents permission to enter.
  • You must comply with terms & conditions.
  • Tired of Filling out your address all the time for giveaways! Use Roboform Check it out
  • Laws indicate in order to win a prize it must require some sort of skill (thus a skill testing questions ~ silly I know; but it works)
  • Laws in Quebec are very unique when it comes to contests & giveaways. Click Here to gain insight 🙂
  • Most major contest require you to sign a waiver
  • Most prizes are not awarded until 6-8 weeks After the end of the Giveaway.

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Claiming a Prize!

When winners of prizes are announced you are normally given a short time such as 24-48 hours to respond. Tips to ensure you get your prize!

  1. Choose One email address for entering contests
  2. Always check your Spam folder
  3. Check your inbox on Facebook
  4. Check your other box on Facebook (if you message box there is another section call other)
  5. Check your notifications on Facebook
  6. If you see your friend or someone else has won a giveaway let them know; I am sure they will appreciate it !
  7. There are 2 different things you can put in Google as well to check!                                                                     Congrats Your Name  / Winner Your Name

When you receive your prize please let the place you won it from know that you received it!


  1. to search for wins I always used `my name“ contest winner it seems to give me more recent wins than any other type of search I have used

  2. I love how you’ve changed this up, it’s easier for these old eyes to see! 😀 Thank you 🙂

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