Great Deal = Great Slushies for your little ones! Slushies you say: See how!

IMG_6303 (640x480) PINK! LOVE IT !

Pink STICKERS = Happy Coupon Nannie 🙂

An ENTIRE Cart full of these! I only grabbed 20!

They don`t expire until February 2014!!!!

Secret Trick to keep little ones Happy and not filled with Sugar all summer long…… Don`t buy Slushies! Don`t tell your little one they can`t have one like the big kids…….. Give them THEIR OWN!!

IMG_6305 (479x640)Pop them in the Freezer!

It`s Fruit & Yogurt in them | Totally Freezable|

AMAZING Way to keep kids cool & hydrated and get some vitamins pumped into them while they are on the go! Guess what else…… don`t need to refrigerate them until after they are opened so a great thing to keep in the car for those emergency situations!

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