Great Shoppers Drug Mart Trip! However I realize I am owed a SCOP now ~ lol

IMG_7024Myself and wordpress (the script that runs this blog) are having a disagreement; It’s winning! Anyways! Use this great coupon found in inserts to stock up on GreenWorks products at SDM!

On Sale for $1.99

  • 6 Green Works Cleaner
  • 2 Green Works Wipes
  • 4 Green Works Spray Cleaner
  • Maple Left Meat was $5.99 on clearance for $3.04 HOWEVER looks like we were charged the wrong price. so I guess it’s going to be SCOP time again !
  • Used my $10 Shoppers Gift Card from weekend (I had 2 and Devyn used one lol)
  • My cost was $7.45 out of pocket however I will be getting SCOP so I will get back $5.99 so I will only be out of pocket $1.46 and Scored 290 Optimum Points.
  • IMG_7023

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