Great Superhero set on Amazon ! Great set for your super hero! #Superhero







I purchased the Superhero Dress Up Costumes For Boys – 4 Satin Capes & Felt Masks, Free Bonus – 4 Superhero Stickers to become a super here to my new little nephew. The package contains 4 wonderful costumes. Each one contains a cape and a mask along with bonus stickers. The package contains all the wonderful accessories to transform into Batman, Captain America, Superman and Spider man.

The Batman one is what initially made me look at this as that was my nephew’s nickname at birth due to him needing to be under lights and wear a mask for an extended amount of time when he was in the hospital. The other costumes will just help him expand his horizon’s and creativity.

The capes are very soft satin which are double sided and can easily be washed in cold water with a light iron if necessary. The masks are made from a nice quality felt. All the times appear very well put together with high quality material, their were no loose strings, no stags; appeared very high quality. The velcro that fastens the cape is very strong so it will not slip off and yet the neck part is not too tight around the neck 🙂

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