Groceries for Free in Canada ~ It can be done ~ #FreeGrocery #Canada

Groceries for Free in Canada ~ It can be done ~ #FreeGrocery #Canada


People do not believe that you can get your groceries for free when you live in Canada. Many think that those point cards, coupons and all those things are just a waste of time. I have heard things such as “It’s not worth it”, “It takes too much time” “It takes forever to get points & their is no place to get coupons”. I beg to differ. I realized at this moment today; as I snapped the picture, just how little I spent out of my pocket. I filled my trunk with groceries for free. I may even be ahead of the game if you could any special offers on anything I purchased.

It was not just with one store or one coupon, it is a combination of multiple savings tools that anyone can use to save on all your families needs. Please note both our Air Miles and PC Plus Cards were set at zero in  January (we redeemed everything at Christmas) therefore I was not building points for years; it’s very achievable, very quickly.

Where did I go? What did I buy? What bonuses did I get? How many PC Points or Air Miles did I get?  My goal was to spend as little as possible. You may wonder when you see the receipt and wonder why there is no eggs, pork, beef, fish or chicken on the receipts it is because we raise all our own except the fish and that we get off the “fish truck” or from the “fish guy”; I live in Nova Scotia, lots of access to fresh fish.

My first stop was Sobeys’ as I noticed in the flyer that had snacks on sale and with back to school not to mention young kids and grand kids; who am I kidding the 20+ year old kids go to the snack cupboard at my house. It is great when your smaller kids and grand children think chocolate chip granola bars are chocolate bars; your golden with an entire cupboard.

I purchased:

  • Box of Giant Crush Pops 27’s (Freezies)
  • 3 Aunt J Pancake Syrup **
  • 2 Aunt J Pancake Mix
  • 4 Kraft Handi Snack Cheese & Crackers
  • 3 boxes of Bear Paws Mini Fruit **
  • Lavender Purex  Crystals **
  • 2 Fantastic Spray **
  • 2 Box Special K Bars
  • 5 Boxes of Quaker Chew Bars **
  • 12 pack of Pudding
  • 12 cans of Pepsi
  • Honey Nut Cherrios
  • Scrubbing Bubble Toilet Duck Pucks Blue
  • Marble Black Diamond Cheese Slices
  • Mild Cheese Block Large
  • 2 X Liberete Yogurt Crunch **
  • 8 Oasis Refrigerated Juice ****

I had $30.16 in Coupons

I redeemed 760 Air Miles valued at $80.00 (I still have 760 left)

I paid the other $0.58 from a prepaid Visa I had from being active in Nielsen  program.

I also earned 70 Air Miles (5 Base Air Miles) 40 bonus for Oasis Juice + 25 Air miles for spending $65 which was an offer from the Sobey’s App or Get My Offers

The Cherriors box has a $3.00 coupon on it for makers. Each of the 3 Bear Paws had a coupon inside for $5.00 off at Mable Lables.

Groceries for Free 🙂 🙂


Giant Tiger I knew would be tricky but…

I knew I could save a ton just watching their deals and using what was left from my prepaid Visa’s (I had 4 X $15 worth)

  • 2 box of Giant Tiger Frozen Waffles
  • Raisin Bran 425 g
  • Letter size paper (how else can you print coupons)
  • 2 X pint of grape tomatoes
  • 4 Hot house tomatoes
  • 3 pk Romaine Heart
  • 2 X 8 pack Toilet Paper
  • 3 bags mini carrots
  • Ice-burg lettuce
  • 2 X Cooked Chicken Breast (2 X 150)
  • Laughing Cow Cheese
  • Mini Babybel
  • 6 Cans of Primo Hearty Chicken
  • 5Air Freshener.

I had $1.00 in Coupons

I paid $48.54 on my from a prepaid Visa I had from being active in Nielsen  program.

Groceries for Free 🙂 🙂

Atlantic Super Store was next on my list 🙂

  • 3 Gold Fish **
  • 2 Bear Paw Cookies
  • 5 box of Quaker Bars **
  • 12 pack of Cesar wet dog food **
  • Wasp & Hornet Spray
  • PC Mini Muffins
  • 5 Packs of Buddings sliced Turkey ****
  • Bananas
  • 2 X Bag of Chocolate Coins
  • 2 bag Cavendish From the Farm Wedges **
  • 2 Black Diamond 24 Cheese Slices **
  • 2 Refrigerated Oasis Orange Juice **
  • 2 X 1 litre of chocolate milk
  • 4 litre Scotburn Milk **
  • 12 Pack pudding
  • 2 box Natural Valley Bar **
  • Fruit Gushers
  • 2 Nutella go Pretz **
  • No Name Cat Food
  • PC Crutons

I had $15.57 in Coupons

I redeemed 80 000 PC points worth $80.00

I paid the other $6.78 from a prepaid Visa I had from being active in Nielsen  program.

I earned 2200 PC Points.

I will earn $1.10 Cash Back from Checkout51

I also received a coupon for 1 cent off per litre of gas

The Fruit Gushers box has a coupon inside for $10 off lables online.

Groceries for Free 🙂 🙂

Lawtons Drugs

  • 4 package of Sunrise Balonga
  • 2 Family Size of Lays
  • 2 large bottles of Miracle Whip


I redeemed 180 Air Miles  and paid $0.56 from my Pre Paid Visa

Groceries for Free 🙂 🙂

When I come home I scan all my products on my phone for  Nielsen  program  so I can continue to earn points to redeem for free things and get my monthly $15 pre paid visa just for being active. In 4 months I collected $50 in pre paid Visa and only used up $53.46 so I even had $6.54 left for  coffee & donuts. I have lots of points left, found lots of new coupons and restocked up the fridge and goodies. We did not need to take one cent out of our budget for the month. I scored some great coupons that I can now order the kids personalized labels for Christmas.

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