Have Kids College Bound? Tips & Tricks to set them up for success! :) #College #Tips #Tricks #CouponNannie

cbHave Kids College Bound? Tips & Tricks to set them up for success! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s the time of year for back to school thinking, Especially for those going off to College for the first time! Parents out scrambling to pick up items for them to head out!

  • The dollar store is NOT the best option! It may SEEM like the “Cheaper option” but do the math. I can buy 2 forks for $1 at the dollar store and 2 spoons cost $1. Stores such as Giant Tiger, Canadian Tire, Walmart have sets that include all of that and usually the big spoons for cooking etc for cheap! Take the cost of the item and dived by how many are in it to get your real price!
  • Sit down with them and set up a folder on their desktop of their iPad or Laptop with links to sites they need to manage their finances while away. A link to online banking, link to the websites for the bills they have like utility bills etc. Show them how to set up their bills in their bank account so they can pay them simple.
  • Always ask for student discounts, while your shopping for products or even services such as internet,cable, etc Ask if they have any Student Promotions! MOST places do even if they are not heavily advertised; all you need to do is ask!
  • A large number of grocery store chains across Canada are now offering discounts on groceries on Tuesday when they present a valid student ID! Ask at the local grocery store so they know the best day to shop, (now if they use coupons too on top of their discounts….. College kids could be eating well)
  • While you kids many not embrace couponing and may not have the time. Bookmark 1 or 2 sites that are well organized (such as Coupon Nannie….. cough cough), A place they can quickly grab what they need!
  • Order extra copies of your rewards cards such as Air Miles, Plum Rewards, Shoppers Optimum and give them a copy to use if they don’t want their own cards. If you take a moment and explain the benefits of rewards and what they can get….they just might! If you live in Nova Scotia……. Tell them to get their own card…… The Liquor stores in Nova Scotia give Air Miles…….. EVERY kid that goes to College drinks…… Most kids that go to College Drink too much. Advise them wouldn’t it be nice when you wake up with that HUGE hang over and broke that you can just swipe your Air Miles to grab something to eat at Sobeys and pick up Aspirin at the local Pharmasave by redeeming your miles you racked up drinking ๐Ÿ™‚ TERMS THEY GET ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Ensure they have a PRE PAID $100 Visa/Master Card and a 2 Quarters, Put it in a small envie and seal it Write Emergency ONLY on it! Things happen, cars break down in the middle of no where or in the SOOOOOOO wrong place, you may be in a place with no cell coverage. how can you call for help? Sickness happens….. emergency prescription,. Ask your pharmacist for a pill envelop, they are small about the size of a credit card and easily sealed. It makes it easier for them to have it with them!
  • Agree on a “safe person” . A safe person can be anyone but YOU the parent, it may be a big sister, it may be the neighbor, it may be the pastor at your church. But SOMEONE! The 3 of you should sit and agree that this is the safe person. A safe person is someone you can get support from when you don’t know where to turn. or your frustrated, or scared. I know…..your kids tell you everything. You kids don’t want to disappoint you. Your kids don’t want to scare you, or upset you. If you have that sort of relationship with your kids that’s great your safe person will have nothing to do……… but STILL have that option. Unfortunately college can also come with some scary stuff, bullying, depression, peer pressure, date rape, raves, parties, overdrinking, etc…..ย  Think………. If YOUR child gets into trouble…….. isn’t the most important thing that they have someone they trust that will help them and keep them safe? Exactly……. The safe person is not to run to you and spill their guts. You as the parent are not to ask the safe person to breach confidence. This is a safe place for your child ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Do your kids have a car? I am sure they have a cell phone. Regardless take an old cell phone (it does not need to be hooked up for service) keep it charged and in the glove compartment of the car….. ALL CELL PHONES even if they are not hooked up can call 911!!!
  • Gift Cards! Gift cards especially for things like groceries are a great way to encourage responsible spending habits ๐Ÿ™‚


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