Have Kids? See how I save almost 90% off Kids Clothes !

IMG_2622Clothing your children in the latest styles doesn’t need to cost a fortune! I purchased these for next year only because Devyn has enough for this year but even if she didn’t have enough look at these deals!!! The shorts are priced at $17.95 and the shirt at $8.95 so your looking at $26.90 Plus Tax!!! IMG_2621 Or 2 sets for some variety for $53.80. CRAZY!!

Not many people can afford that for one kid, image those with more than one kid! That’s why watching for Free Shipping and discounts is IMPERATIVE!! If you don’t have a credit card, investing in a pre paid one will be of great benefit to you!! The outfits above I paid $1.43 per item so $5.72 !!!

Here is a Great Example on Clothing your Children for LESS! This bundle of clothes includes: 6 short sets (bottom & Tops), leggings, 2 pair of socks, pk of 3 headbands, 1 sunglasses and 3 pk of hair clips!! Total cost including tax is: $28.40 !!! (The cost of ONE outfit at full price)

The hair clips, head bands & socks will be stocking stuffer for the girls and the rest; next year summer clothes!!

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When we see AMAZING deals from places such as The Children’s Place (where these clothes were purchased) and No Shipping! We will be sure to let you know so you too can SAVE!!!


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