Have you done the Math on your Finances? Making more Money? or Saving more Money? Which is Best for You?

mathHave you done the Math on your Finances?

We hear people make budgets, and figure out debts vs credit. I’ve watched many people work many many long hours of overtime, etc and be away from their families to earn “Extra” to help pay off the bills. Many of you are in a position right now that if you could even bring in $200 more a month that would be a HUGE help.

Secret…………If your reading this and on this page you Can!

People don’t take the time to figure out the math πŸ™

If you get paid an hourly rate of lets say $15 per hour, you work 10 hours that is $150 !! By the time they tax of taxes, CPP/QCP, EI, etc you can easily account for approx 40 percent of that to be gone in “deductions” so you have $90 really!! But than you need items at the store…… Here in Nova Scotia the tax is a total of 15 Percent ! soooooooo My $70 in items plus tax comes to $80.50 , guess the rest of my $90 would go in the gas tank to get me to and from work and to and from the store. πŸ™ However keep in mind if you had to pay child care while you worked….its even less πŸ™

You just spent approx 12 hours (to and from work, work) away from your family for $70 in actual “goods or services” that can help your family!


$50 in Savings off your overall bills per week could get your further ahead and more time with your family!

  • Tips here for shaving utility bills
  • Items you get FREE (such as samples, etc are things you don’t need to buy for cash) this SAVES money
  • Participating in things such as SwagBucks & Surveys, AirMiles/Optimum etc builds you cash and freebies
  • Websaver,save.ca, etc have so many coupons there is something for everyone to shave money of your grocery bill every week!! . Click hereΒ  for coupons & here to see the list All the cash back apps.
  • Ensure you are subscribed to the CouponNannie newsletter update so you don’t miss a thing! Click here to see how to keep on top of all the great offers on our Facebook page
  • Check out our sister site Canadian Basics Click here for great low cost recipes, DIY (do it yourself) projects, great reviews and more to help keep more cash at home πŸ™‚

Sooooooooooo keep track for a week of some of the items above; How many freebies did you score? How much did you save with coupons? How many bonuses did you get with Swagbucks, Air miles, surveys? How many ways did you find to reuse things from Canadian Basic’s tips?Β  Which situation works best for you? What areas do you see that could save even more ? $50 in Savings is $50 that doesn’t leave your pocket, it’s not taxed and can be used towards other debt/bills/etc


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